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The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day (2009)

Bore-leaf Clover

The following showed up in my Inbox this morning.  It was submitted by a reader named Suck of the Irish, and his/her views pretty much mirror my own; which is good 'cause it means I don't have to expend energy writing about The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day--which, coincidentally, I watched last night.  Though we come to the same conclusion for different reasons, Suck spells everything out in a lively, unedited manner.  It's a shame, really, because I really liked the first film.

You might call running this e-mail as a review "lazy".  I call it "leaving my brain free to write about movies that are worth my time".


Just caught this kickass movie on netflix that i think you may want to check out.  You're always complaining about how stupid and boring action movies are nowadays well boy do I have a movie for YOU!!!

If you saw Boondock Saints one, your goinna love All Saints day (Boondocks Saints 2: All Saints Day), the sequel.  Yeah, it's a lot of it is the same stuff from the first movie where these two Irish Brothers and there dad fight the mob in Boston with the help of some whacky roge cops, but the reason the second one's better is because they don't waste time with making you feel anything about the characters or boring you with a new plot that you have to get into.

No, this ones' pure action through and through and comedy, to.  In the first movie, there was a lot of an attempt on Troy Duffy's part (the writer and director of both) part to make a serious action movie with some silly funny parts.  He switched it up here with almost everyone over-acting and being funny like theyre on the Irish Jersey Shore or something--and then theres a little bit of serious stuff at the end for in case you're girlfriend is watching.

I loved that Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus who play the two main Saints are sillier this time, and they're Irish Accents are so over the top that they sometimes break out of it and talk like their from Hollywood.  And Julie Benz who's so fucking hot dude, she's the new detective from the goverment that's helping the saints and she's got this Southern accent that was so godamn annoying every time she opened her mouth she sounded like Jodie FOster in Silencing the Lambs doing an impression of that rooster cartoon, Foggy Carhorn.  But she's a sweet fucking piece of ass and she wears a lot of tight suits and later like a cowgirl outfit to help me keep from fastforwarding every time she opens her mouth.

In fact, this movie has more stereo types than a Best Buy, but that's okay cuz if characters are too deep than you start to get "invested" in them and it makes you think and feel stuff while you're are watching an action movie--and that's just WRONG! I like that Duffy's not afraid to use the word faggot and "gay" a lot, cuase that's the way real people talk when they don't bother to get an education and that's who this movies made for: The PEOPLE--not some arty snobs who want "plots" in theiry two-hours long movies.  There's also a fourth Saint a Mexican named Romeo whose played by Clifton Collins, Jr. that they pick up on the boat coming back from Ireland to America.  I don't know why he was on that boat but I love it cuz you don't need it to make sense.  You just know he's a mexican and they make fun of him for it and they hand him a gun thats barely the size of his pallm of his hand and its imply-ed that he's like gay or something (this keeps coming up/ the gay and mexican thing, and its fuckking hilarious everytime.

But I've wasted so much time on the story and characters that I forgot about the ACTION!!!

like i said (I think), there's not a lot of new action in Boondocs 2; but there's alot of stuff from the first movie they just repeat and it reminds you of how awesome it was the first time you saw it in Boondocks one.  i don't think there's one new shot or assassination gimick in this one--it's literally lots more slo-mow of guys jumping through glass ceilings with ropes around their wastes shooting two guns each and sometimes sliding into a room on theyre knees and skidding all across the floor shooting faceless bad guys with two guns each.  I've seen all this in my Boondocks one DVD at least ninety times and I've been dying to see more--and this is it; the only difference is that one of the saints got too much plastic surgery between films and looks like a shaved nutsack with hangover eyes. But the movie makes you comfortable watching the same stuff in fact I was kind of falling asleep at parts but when I woke back up i knew i hadn't missed anything important cause I'd already seen it in the first movie.

They do this sidestory between the saints'es' dad (Billy Connolly from Head of the Class fame) and his old archrival nemesis The Roman (Peter Fonda of Ghost Rider fame) where they keep flashing back to when they were immigrants to america in the fifties and it was just like watching Godfather Too (which I only saw bits of when my dad tried to make me watch that boring ass shit when I was ten--i'm like Dad it's 2007!" noone watches that old timey boring ass shit anymore).  But this part reminded me of that movie alot and then when they meet at the end there's some slow dialog about the mob and the good old days but this only drags on for about ten minutes before people start getting shot again.

Theres a weird part at the end where Willem DaFoe shows up to make a plan to smuggle the saints out of jail where they get locked up at the end (minus their' dad who dies at the end with the Roman), and I was confused cause they made it look like he was killed between the movies (maybe he had a heart attach looking at the nutsack guys' face!). but no, he's still alive and i was thinking if anyone who loved his character from the first movie really liked and cared about him, they'd probly be real pissed that they killed him off and only kind of mentioned it in passing--and then bringing him back as if nothing meant anything would probablly be even more frustrating and stupid.  BUt it didn't care 'cause I loved that guy as Green Goblin and I forgot to mention his characters gay so I got to watch Defao ham it up more than he did in part One (it's like he got the memmo from the other actors and was like this isn't a real movie so just have fun with it--no one cares).  THis whole movies' full of really good actors who don't bother reminding us why we love them.

In the end, if you like movies with guns, stupid cops and stupider stereotypeical mob guys, action, gay jokes, and you don't wannta be challenged by anything new, you're gonna love Boondocks Saints, the new one.  This ones' far from boring.