Kicking the Tweets

Ep65: 'Splaining LUCY

Instead of retiring at 65, The KtS Podcast rockets into senility with a trippy round table discussion of Luc Besson's Lucy! In a shocking turn of events, Ian hasn't seen the film and must rely on Matt and Denitsa's off-kilter endorsements to help make up his mind. Will celestial flash drives, telekinetic car chases, and melting-face airplane episodes do the trick? Tune in and find out!

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Ep64: BOYHOOD Memories

The KtS Podcast celebrates the time-travelling artistry of Richard Linklater's Boyhood! Join Ian, Matt, and Graham (and Denitsa, kinda) for a round table discussion of one of 2014's most innovative and complex films. Much like the movie itself, our conversation jumps around at will, so beware ye of spoilers!

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Ep63: Lunch Break of the PLANET OF THE APES

The KtS Podcast gets back into the swing of things with our second round table of the week, Episode 63! What did Ian and Graham think of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? Will Matt see it at all, after having listened to our spoilerific analysis of the franchise's evolution? Listen in to find out!

Also, Ian pops in with a cool contest reminder, and info on a great Saturday Night Fever screening happening tonight!

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Ep62: Thaw-provoking

The KtS Podcast returns with a lively round table discussion of Snowpiercer! Join Ian, Matt, Graham, and Denitsa as they cut through the hype surrounding this summer's indie-action blockbuster. Also, Graham has some big news, Denitsa has some big problems with movies featuring animals, and Ian has a contest and screening to promote!

Episode 62 is as cool as they come, so let's get this apocalypse train a-movin'!

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Ep61: Abort! Abort! / Shoe Gaze?

The KtS Podcast takes a bit of a detour with Episode 61--setting aside summer blockbusters in favor of Jenny Slate's new vehicle, Obvious Child. Thrill to a lively debate between Ian and Matt (not over the film's hot-button topic of abortion, but the filmmakers' handling of it), and bop along with Graham and his sight-unseen, front-row seat to the madness!

Ian also plugs the latest KtS Contest, and encourages you to enter for a shot at winning The Lego Movie on blu-ray!

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