Kicking the Tweets

Ep80: Hot Doug and a Movie

The KtS Podcast celebrates 80 episodes with its beefiest installment yet! Ian and Graham sit down with restaurateur Doug Sohn, the mastermind behind Chicago's late, great hot dog hot-spot, Hot Doug's. Over drinks at the North Side's Orbit Room, they discuss the merits and authenticity of Jon Favreau's Chef, the ups and downs of starting a business, and the importance of living your passion every day. Dig in, and thanks for listening!

Note: Because this is an extra-long episode, it's too big to stream through the site. You can download it via the link below or subscribe to the Kicking the Seat Podcast in iTunes to get every new episode each week (or whenever they come out).

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Ep79: Incessant VICE!

The KtS Podcast shows up fashionably late to the New Year's party (Happy 2015, everybody!) with a lively discussion of Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice (aka The Big Le-blow-ski*). Ian and Graham share their heartbreak and confusion over a favorite filmmakers' latest effort, and Matt drops in to tell them they're full of shit. Also, Ian plugs some very cool upcoming Chicagoland events at Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville (appearances by Patton Oswalt and Irvine Welsh!) and Classic Cinemas in Elk Grove (The Shining on the big screen!). One thing's for sure about episode 79, there will be blood!


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Ep78: "Let My Controversies Go!"

This week, the KtS Podcast serves up audacious audio of Biblical proportions! Join Ian and Graham as they talk about the criticisms (fair and unfair) plaguing Ridley Scott's new film, Exodus: Gods and Kings. Also, Ian reports back from the Chicago Film Critics Association's 2014 awards dinner and pimps Kicking the Seat's Pumping Iron Contest!

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Ep77: THE THEORY OF Top Ten Lists

This week, Ian and Matt talk about the surprising narrative intricacies of James Marsh's The Theory of Everything (starring recent Golden Globe nominees Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones). Also, Matt sends Ian into a mental tailspin by questioning the purpose of year-end movie lists--not the best place to wind up as voting for the Chicago Film Critics Association gets under way.

There's also a plug for Kicking the Seat's Pumping Iron contest, and a few words about the ups and downs of screener season. Things get downright cosmic on Episode 77, so strap in and listen well!

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Ep76: Old 'STELLAR

This week, Ian and Matt blast off into the unknown with a lengthy discussion of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar! Secrets will be revealed, plot points will be spoiled, and the guys' age-old rivalry over The Dark Knight will be rekindled (sorta)! Also, Ian explains why he'll have even more free time on his hands this holiday season, and adds "Twitter followers" and "Facebook likes" to his Christmas list!

Time and space lose all meaning on episode 76 of the KtS Podcast, so strap in and look to the stars!

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