Kicking the Tweets

Ep49: Last Exit to Andersonville / THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL

Matt joins Ian and Graham for episode 49 of the KtS Podast, and shares his thoughts on The Grand Budapest Hotel. He also helps tidy up some loose ends from last week's unofficial, unplanned Wes Anderson career retrospective. Is this the last word on indie cinema's reigning auteur? Of course not, but it is certainly a word!

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Ep48: Graham Sher, Film Therapist / MOONRISE KINGDOM

Episode 48 kicks off an unofficial two-part Wes Anderson retrospective, as Graham guides Ian through the stages of grief after watching Moonrise Kingdom. They guys also gnash teeth over rampant hipsterism, and wonder what the world would be like if Anderson and Quentin Tarantino switched places.

Note: Careful listeners will notice a blatant error in the intro--fear not! Stick around through the outro music for a ridiculous bit of clarification.

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Ep47: It's Whatever It Wants To Be

Two episodes in one week? Yep, that's how we roll on the KtS Podcast!*

We are gathered today to memorialize comedy legend Harold Ramis. Along the way, we talk about this Sunday's Oscars, and cover a variety of other topics that kinda/sorta relate back to...something. Join Ian, Graham, and Matt (in a surprise appearance) as we laugh through the tears of episode 47!

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*Okay, not really--but it's a lovely ideal.

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Ep46: Cop Robot!

After combating a week of illness, The KtS Podcast returns with a one-on-one discussion of Jose Padilha's Robocop! Special guest Dave Lopez joins Ian to talk about the film's ups and downs, and together they try to get to the bottom of its critical and box office troubles.

Also on this episode, Ian stumps hard for Cory Udler's soon-to-expire Indiegogo campaign; plugs an upcoming 10th anniversary screening of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; and begs for listeners to enter the latest KtS Contest!

Don't miss this jam-packed episode of sniffles and sniveling!

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Ep45: Not Everything is Awesome

This week, Ian and Matt break down The Lego Movie brick by brick to discover the awesomeness (or lack thereof) inside. With two very different opinions on the table, can there be peace in the (Lego) valley tonight?

Also, Ian flash-mourns Shirley Temple and Sid Caesar, puts in a good word for the incredible anthology Hidden Horror, and rides high on a cocktail of Ambien and the Robocop remake! Episode 45 must be heard to be believed!

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